Ranchlands is seeking a ranch or partnership with a ranch owner as a home for a herd of 1000+ buffalo. For details email info@ranchlands.com. We are also now accepting ranch management proposals/inquiries.

anchlands is an agricultural-based business that specializes in the management of large-scale ranches, where we partner with conservation-minded owners to implement ambitious conservation programs that co-exist alongside our own cattle operations. In addition to our diversified cattle business, we run a series of complementary land-based businesses including hospitality, hunting and fishing, and ecotourism.

We believe that, too often, the management of ranches is underestimated, resulting in high costs of ownership, degradation of natural resources, loss of potential earnings, and erosion of long-term value. Our management model hinges on the premise that ranchers’ most important role in large rangeland investment strategies is as asset managers. We manage the land, resource base, facilities, and infrastructure from an ownership perspective, knowing that a healthy and balanced whole leads to higher long-term productivity and appreciation in value.

Our ranches are economically self-sufficient, covering on-going costs from what the land will produce. Our goals are to increase the value of the land through a vigorous conservation program that builds biodiversity on our properties while eliminating the ongoing costs of ranch real estate ownership and supporting the owners the full enjoyment of their land.

Emphasizing a holistic approach to landscape-scale conservation and ecology, we use our livestock as a tool for manipulating the land to achieve desired outcomes--increased biodiversity, management of invasive plant species, restored riparian areas--all according to the landowner’s desires. Our ancillary businesses provide us flexibility during times of drought or weak cattle markets to ensure our ranches remain financially and ecologically viable without overtaxing our grassland resources.


Our ranches are economically self-

sufficient, covering on-going costs from

what the land will produce.

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