he Ranchlands Art Exhibition began in 2000, when we first invited professional artists to our Artist Gatherings to create works inspired on our cattle and bison ranches. Each fall since then, that year’s art has debuted in an exhibition with friends, neighbors, and art connoisseurs, alongside our artists.

Overtime, this event has become a way to bring together people from varied backgrounds and perspectives who share a common interest in our nation’s great landscapes and the lives and livelihoods of the people who call those landscapes home. As we strive to become better communicators about our work as stewards of the land, art adds an emotional, evocative element to this story.

Click here to view the work from this year’s show. All work, unless noted as sold, is available. For questions or to arrange a visit to see the work in person, please contact Tess: tess@ranchlands.com or 719-641-4489. The show will be up through January 9th.

Thank you for visiting this site, and please enjoy this year’s artwork. 

Right column painting by Sophy Brown

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