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In these strange and perilous times we’ve found ourselves turning to books for respite and inspiration. Some of these books we’re currently reading and others we read many years ago. The list includes a wide range of subjects and non-fiction and fiction options, so hopefully you find one that sparks your interest!

Brandon, a ranch apprentice, recommends:

Landmarks, Robert MacFarlane

He likes MacFarlane’s “essays about the power of language to shape our relationships to land and places. Part of it is a glossary of Gaelic place-names and unique words that describe specific aspects of landscape and place. It always makes me think about the place names we use for landscape features here on the ranch and how experiences we’ve all had in different places influence our own mental maps…how we develop an emotional attachment to these places we work on.”

Madeline, head of digital and social marketing, loves:

Think Little, Wendell Berry

“No one understands or articulates the connection between agriculture and environmentalism as well as Berry. He argues that environmental destruction, along with war and oppression, trace their origins back to a common mentality of greed and exploitation and admonishes us all to reflect on our own impact on the earth more carefully.”

Of Wolves and Men, Barry Lopez

“Lopez paints an elucidating portrait of an enigmatic animal that encourages me to think differently about the complex lives of the animals with whom we share our ranch homes. The natural history approached the wolf objectively, simultaneously discrediting the image of the bloodthirsty villain without shying away from wolves’ great capacity for destruction.”

Duke III recommends:

Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke

“This collection of letters have inspired me almost my entire life. Rilke’s insight into life is timeless and as relevant in these times as much as when I was 22 in completely different circumstances.”

Andrea, a leather shop artisan, recommends:

Leonard and Hungry Paul, Ronan Hession

“It’s a simply charming book. The quiet observations of life by two gentle souls whose ideas of ‘normal’ are far from the norm and bring to light the value of kindness and quietness. Unexpectedly funny and a balm for the heart!”

Bri, another leather shop artisan, is currently reading:

The Great Alone, Tim Voors

She hiked the Pacific Crest Trail several years ago and reading this “brought her back to the trail. I think it’s so easy to get lulled into the comfort of ‘regular’ life after some time has passed but reading this just felt like being hugged by all my closest friends – which is comforting amidst these strange times!”

Alice, a photo assistant, just finished reading:

Some Horses, Thomas McGuane

“McGuane has spent most of his life out West, in the mountains, among horses. He writes with ease and confidence – sometimes too much – about a subject he knows well and is passionate about. If you’re interested in western horsemanship, or just love horses, this is a quick and enjoyable read.”

Happy reading 🙂

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