Ranchlands Alumni, Where are they now?

Over the years many people have come to work with us in various capacities and for various lengths of time. While their residence on the ranches may be relatively brief–just a few months or a year long–we often hear that they are impactful in shaping people’s attitudes towards work and life as they move on to the next chapter of their lives. We caught up with a few alumni, to see what they’re doing now, and how their time at the ranch has influenced their lives.

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Finding Rhythm Between Life Forms

One of a foal’s earliest, foundational moments is learning the pleasure, comfort, and safety that comes from being in time and and in step with another being — his mother. Fleeting symbiosis, when intention, understanding, and action converge between human and horse, is what we seek when we climb into the saddle.

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Fall Senescence

We are now on the cusp of one of the great transitions to occur each year on the shortgrass prairie: the shift from the growing season to the dormant season, when life becomes subdued by the threat of winter.

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