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Planting A Simple Dye Garden

Growing a dye plant not only gives you the source of color and a connection with the land, but natural dyes have some inherent advantages over chemical dyes, which have polluted the environment to a great extent. They present no health hazards, are very sustainable, easy to grow as herbs, and renewable. They add biodiversity to your vegetable garden, attracting pollinators and acting as great companion plants to repel insects and improve the wellness of neighboring plants. 

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Zapata’s Orchestra

In southern Colorado, there are two canyons in the Sangre De Cristo mountains where the wind pushes sand beneath them in such an intense and persistent manner that great dunes are formed. All year long, they’re eroded and maintained in an endless cycle of air and mineral, forming a stunning and unique ecotone. It’s part alpine, part desert, part grassland, and its name is Zapata Ranch.

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Teddy Roosevelt’s Strenuous Life Doctrine

Theodore Roosevelt had every reason to take it easy. To coast. But rather than drifting through a life of “ignoble ease,” TR did just the opposite. He worked maniacally hard, both physically and mentally, cramming several lifetimes of careers and adventures into his relatively brief sixty years.

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