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The Chico has re-opened to day visitors! Please sign in and out at HQ at the kiosk. Our day rates are $15/person ($10/person for groups of 4 or more).

A scaled quail on top of a fence post.

Birding at Chico Basin Ranch

As one of the largest uninterrupted stretches of shortgrass prairie left in the United States, the Chico offers unparalleled native wildlife viewing. The ranch is especially well known as one of the prime birding locations in Colorado. Over 330 species of birds—some rarely seen in Colorado—have been sited on the ranch.

The ranch maintains a birding and wildlife trail, outlined on a map that lists the prime birding locations to assist self-guided birders. Upon arrival, we ask that all visitors please check in at the ranch headquarters. A birding map and other ranch information are available at a kiosk outside of our main office.

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A black and white warbler is held by a hand.

Bird Banding

The Chico’s abundant springs, creeks, lakes, and other habitat provide refuge for hundreds of species of migratory birds. Each spring and fall, we maintain a bird banding station in partnership with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, where visiting biologists net and band hundreds of these migratory birds. Visitors are welcome to visit the station and assist our expert birders with bird banding and identification.

The bird banding station will be open Friday – Sunday for five weeks starting on April 30th, 2021.

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A burrowing owl narrows its eyes, while a prairie dog looks out from the burrow beyond.
A singing dickissel at Chico Basin Ranch
A great horned owl sits high up on the branch of a leafy green tree.
Turkey vultures sit in a row on the tops of cedar fence posts.
A black and white warbler is held by a hand.
WOTH at the Rose Pond
A barn owl is glimpsed between the leaves of a tree.
WODU at Chico Basin Ranch
Two blue-winged teals in flight in a blue sky
BOBO at Chico Basin Ranch
A rare arctic tern, the only one seen on the ranch, at Chico Basin Ranch

A New Bird For Chico Basin Ranch

The first Canyon Wren sighted on the Chico was caught at our bird banding station in fall 2019.

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a canyon warbler sings at the garden of the gods

Sunburns and Swifties

A wildlife biologist gets up close and personal with a family of swift foxes.

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a swift fox parent with several of her kits around her


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A small yellow warbler with a band on its leg is held by a hand.