Field Trips

Bird Banding

The Curriculum

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Education is an integral part of our mission at the Chico.


There is a growing need in ranching to cultivate passionate advocates from both rural and urban communities who understand the crucial link between conservation and ranching. Ranchlands is committed to developing immersive environmental education experiences for the general public to further this goal.


This spring we are open to educational tours of 50 students or fewer. The banding station will be open every weekend in May, Friday-Sunday 7-noon. Fall dates will be announced soon.

Becca crouches down to discuss prairie plants with a group of elementary students.

Field Trips

The ranch welcomes over 3,000 visitors of all ages each year to learn about ranching and its role in land stewardship in the western United States. Many of our programs cater primarily to K-12 students but can be tailored for all age groups and experience levels including college students, ranching and conservation professionals, and interested community members. We have full-time staff to develop and coordinate programs, and they will be happy to work with you to design special curriculums and provide additional information about our offerings. Programs focus on nature, grazing, local history, ecology, biology, ranching practices, business development, and our management model.

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Teacher showing a group of smiling kids a bird

Bird Banding

The Chico’s abundant springs, creeks, lakes, and other habitat provide refuge for hundreds of species of migratory birds. Each spring and fall, we maintain a bird banding station in partnership with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, where visiting biologists net and band hundreds of these migratory birds. Visitors are welcome to visit the station and assist our expert birders with bird banding and identification.

This year, the bird banding station will operate Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 7am-noon, for the month of May. Fall banding station dates will be announced soon.

The Curriculum

Students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to get up close with cattle and horses, tour our corrals and headquarters facility, and observe biologists working at our on-site bird banding station. We provide numerous activities that enhance curriculum, and experiences can be tailored to fit specific needs, including compliance with state standards and community service requirements.

We also offer programs for college students that can be tailored to fit courses ranging from ecology and biology to creative writing and music. Our ranching and conservation experts conduct programs including bird identification and migration, grasslands ecology, ecosystem monitoring, livestock grazing, cattle management, ranch animal anatomy and physiology, nature journaling, natural art, poetry, and music. We can also tailor-make activities and schedules to fit specific needs, with events ranging from several hours to multi-day experiences.

A horse stands in the pasture at dusk.

For Adults

The Chico offers courses and clinics on topics ranging from horsemanship and range monitoring to roping and photography. These programs, which can bring nationally known experts to the ranch, are held throughout the year and may be single or multi-day events.

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Our education program is funded by the Ranchlands Foundation.


Our ranch management is ecologically focused.

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Blades of galleta grass grow upwards during the fertile growing season.

Bird Watching

The Chico is one of the premiere destinations in Colorado for birding and wildlife viewing.

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A raptor soars high in the sky.

Bird Banding

Learn more about this process and what we learn from it.

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someone handles a small songbird
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