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About Us

Ranchlands is a family ranching business that owns and manages cattle operations in the American West. We use traditional methods alongside new ways to take care of livestock and the land. As ranchers, we make many things that we use. Our leather shop is a way of using our handcraft skills to make products that are useful and attractive for your use.

Our shop was born in Mexico on a large isolated ranch where Ranchlands founder, Duke Phillips was raised. Each month a saddle maker would come to the ranch and fix their tack, make any new bridles or reins that they needed. Duke looked forward to this visit every time and began a collection of his own tools that lived in a little leather bag on his saddle. 

As Duke grew older and began managing different ranches, he always made a space for leather work. When we moved to the Chico Basin Ranch in 1999, we selected the old wood shop for the leather room. Duke started making bags for his three daughters, and then their friends wanted them and their neighbors...and thus the mercantile was born. 

Today, our shop is still lives at the Chico Basin, and now shares a building with the saddle house. There's a team of women that you'll find in there daily led by Madi Phillips and Tess Leach, Duke's daughter-in-law and daughter. Each product is inspired by the pieces that we use on the ranch- for example, our Billie Bag is based off of the bag that we carry out riding to hold our tea canister. 

Our shop allows us to continue living the lifestyle that we all love. Having a diversification in our ranching business gives us the flexibility during times of drought or weak cattle markets to ensure our ranches remain financially and ecologically viable without overtaxing our grassland resources.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and that it serves you well. Thank you for your support.


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