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The Power of Pilates

with Natalie Sutto, RN, NCPT

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Zapata Ranch

April 24 – May 1, 2022

Come to ride, leave with better posture and a deeper connection to your horse.

The Program

By understanding our bodies and learning to move with ease, we can make create enormous improvements in our everyday posture. This awareness opens the door to greater communication with your horse and in doing so, improves your relationship with your horse and your overall performance.

You’ll learn how your bones, muscles, and organs move and behave internally, and how to move your body in a way that supports them.

Learn positive imagery in relation to your anatomy. By using imagery combined with dynamic movement and embodiment we allow a neuromuscular change in a unique mind body process.

Anatomical embodied movement: Learn how to move your body in alignment with your anatomy to create embodied function. Embodied function helps you improve flexibility, strength, and sensitivity without tensing your muscles.

Proprioception: Take away concrete ways to increase your proprioception and deepen your connection to your environment and your horse!Learn innovative science based Pilates movements can create lifelong postural changes that result in better riding, reduced fatigue, and improved quality of life!

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About the Instructor

Owner of 314 Studio in University City, Missouri, Natalie Sutto uses Pilates as one of many tools for clients to learn to move without pain and future injury. Her foundation as a Registered Nurse naturally lends a wholistic approach to her practice. Natalie believes whole body movement is accessible for every body and every age; it is restorative for individuals recovering from cancer, knee/hip replacements, and injuries, and it is balancing in the way it works to create a strong core and lean muscles for children and adults. Natalie specializes in developing safe and challenging programs for all ages and abilities. Chronic Low Back Pain, Breast Cancer Recovery, Scoliosis and Neurological Conditions are her areas of expertise – she is the only Pilates instructor in MO with such extensive experience and training in movement therapy. In addition to working with clients with rehab and general fitness goals, Natalie works with athletes to include ballet, hockey, swimming, football, tennis and soccer to help prevent injury and muscle imbalances.


$3270 per person includes all lodging, activities, instruction, and meals. Taxes and gratuity not included.

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Zapata Ranch

Set back in a shady cotton woodgrove beneath the majestic 14,000-foot peaks of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains lies the historic Zapata Ranch headquarters and lodge, which was established in the late 1800’s. Elk, mule deer, migratory birds, eagles, and black bear also call this area home. The rooms are beautifully furnished and have an elegant southwestern decor that gives them the feel of home. All rooms have individual tiled bathrooms and views that are private, peaceful, and beautiful in any season.

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