Ranchlands Review

In Pursuit of Radical Joy

Time stopped, we say, in moments of great joy or sorrow, but don’t we really mean that a moment of time imprinted itself on us, left its mark on us in such a way that the call of the Osprey as the sun fell into the Pacific, or the slosh of the green waves against the orange walls of the sand caves, or the rhythm of Raj’s hooves as we floated above a hundred thousand flowers, those things are not just part of my memory bank but part of my body as well.

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How Symbiotic Relationships Shape the World

One common theme in nature is the interconnectedness among species, with each species having its own unique relationships with others. These relationships are along a spectrum of beneficial to detrimental, and symbioses in particular and their corresponding effects hold significant importance in the lives of the species involved.

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Zapata’s Orchestra

In southern Colorado, there are two canyons in the Sangre De Cristo mountains where the wind pushes sand beneath them in such an intense and persistent manner that great dunes are formed. All year long, they’re eroded and maintained in an endless cycle of air and mineral, forming a stunning and unique ecotone. It’s part alpine, part desert, part grassland, and its name is Zapata Ranch.

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Finding Rhythm Between Life Forms

One of a foal’s earliest, foundational moments is learning the pleasure, comfort, and safety that comes from being in time and and in step with another being — his mother. Fleeting symbiosis, when intention, understanding, and action converge between human and horse, is what we seek when we climb into the saddle.

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Fall Senescence

We are now on the cusp of one of the great transitions to occur each year on the shortgrass prairie: the shift from the growing season to the dormant season, when life becomes subdued by the threat of winter.

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