Ranchlands Review

The MP Branding

I’m a big fan of chaos. I love trying to make sense of things that are halfway out of control. It is the engine that propels life forward, and the best example of chaos in ranching are our brandings.

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Branding Season is Upon Us

Each spring, the Chico begins to see new life as flowers bloom, grasses grow, and calves are born. As spring turns to summer, our newborns and their mothers are gathered into corrals to be branded. Although somewhat misunderstood, brandings are an incredibly important event for ranchers.

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Here Comes Branding Season

As the days lengthen, drawing winter closer to spring, we begin readying ourselves for calving season, which officially starts for us April 1st and goes into June. In a normal year, eighty percent of the calves come in the first fifty days.

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The Art of Roping

In this video, Duke talks about the art of roping–the subtle techniques, such as positioning your horse with precision and keeping the herd of cattle calm, that go beyond basic skillfulness with a rope.

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