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Ranchlands is seeking a large-scale cattle ranch. Learn more!

Turn-Key Ranch Management

Ranchlands is seeking a large-scale ranch that will stock a minimum of 750 head of cattle. The leases of two of our existing operations expire at the end of 2024, which leaves us looking for a home for our herd of cattle and apprenticeship program. We are interested in ranches located in any western state between Texas and California. We hope to partner with either an existing ranch owner or an investor who is seeking to purchase a ranch but does not want the hassle nor the risk of owning and managing a cattle grazing business. We have a long history of successfully managing ranches for private and organizational owners, and these services are an outgrowth of our ongoing, direct involvement in managing our own ranching businesses.

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Our Management Model

Our management ensures the goals of the ranch owner are met, whether these be implementing hospitality programs, maximizing land appreciation values, implementing conservation strategies, or developing infrastructure, special amenities or resources on the ranch.

The model is built around an exchange of values: Ranchlands provides management of all ranch facets in exchange for using ranch resources to graze our cattle. This empowers us to have a daily presence in order to have a direct pulse of the ranch. This structure also provides an important incentive – the opportunity to run our cattle on the ranch. 

A financial value is negotiated that balances the value of the services that Ranchlands is providing with the value of the resources Ranchlands is using, which generates a dividend for paying for the costs of running the business, the cost of management services and the cost of owning the land (land taxes, repair and maintenance of the working buildings and infrastructure, insurance and management administration).

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Management Objectives

Through our management, we aim to:

  • Eliminate the risk of operating the ranch,
  • Eliminate the out-of-pocket cost of owning the ranch,
  • Improve the amenities and resources on the ranch, both natural, structural & mechanical,
  • Enable ranch owner use the ranch for the original purpose it was purchased,
  • Elevate the value of the ranch to the degree possible,
  • Ranch owner’s eyes and ears in the community.

These services are an outgrowth of our ongoing, direct involvement in managing our own ranching businesses. Our philosophy is that, over the long term: the real estate value of a ranch should be appreciating through professional asset management. The livestock operation pays for: the cost of owning and managing the ranch asset, maintaining infrastructure and facilities, and implementing a highly focused conservation program.

I can’t imagine a group that could possibly do a better job at stewarding your land and all of its activities than Ranchlands. They are professional, they pay on time, and they go extra miles to make sure that they are doing their jobs well.

Molly Baldridge, MP Ranch lessor

The work they do is progressive and pragmatic, rooted in a deep ethos of stewardship blended with business savvy and a willingness to try new things. All of these qualities are deeply needed in agriculture as we navigate much change.

Kate Greenberg, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture

The Phillips family’s commitment to community has always impressed me. They are pillars of the ranching community in Hanover as well as El Paso County, Southern Colorado as well as other western states… They have always actively built relationships with residents of nearby towns like Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver.

Julie Frost, Community Member

I cannot think of any other family who are more honest and hardworking with a clear sense of how to run multiple businesses that work together synergistically.

Wayne Knight, Executive Director, Holistic Management International

Their love for the land and cattle drives the skills and ability they have developed over the years. This passion has in turn created a robust stewardship programs that improve the ecosystem health and productivity of the ranches they manage well beyond the level that existed when they began managing them.

Kirk Gadzia, Resource Management Services, LLC

In ranching there is no better compliment to a fellow rancher than to say they are a great neighbor. The Phillips Family and Box T Partners are just that.

Tim Thatcher, neighboring rancher

The time spent with the Phillips Family prepared me to come home and take the reins of my family’s ranch. I have since implemented techniques and principles that I learned during my time with the Phillips family, and as a result, my own family’s ranch has become a leading example for progressive ranching in Montana.

Cooper Hibbard, Ranchlands Apprentice graduate and Manager of Sieben Livestock

The ties that they have within this community, their willingness to jump in and provide support in a minute’s notice is what our rural ranching and farming community prides itself on and needs.

Carl Tatum, Hanover Fire Department Chief

Strategic Advisory Services

In addition to “boots on the ground” turn-key management, Ranchlands specializes in providing advisory services which evaluate a ranching enterprise from a high elevation. This service looks at the big picture from a strategic business and operational standpoint with the objective of creating the correct trajectory that intersects with ranch ownership objectives.

Our Business Model

Our business model operates on the premise that land is a multi-dimensional resource that can be developed in addition to the agricultural enterprise. Each of us have individual interests and skills, which can be coupled with the special amenities of the property.

If the ranch owners are interested in a multipronged approach, Ranchlands will create a study that explores the opportunities to develop any non-ag enterprises using our experience with programs at our existing ranches. Ranchlands can create a business plan to develop appropriate recreational and hospitality amenities, which Ranchlands can staff and manage on behalf of the owner.

If you know of a ranch for lease or are interested in learning more about our management services, please contact us:

719-641-9677 or


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