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Work With Us

Thank you for your interest in working with Ranchlands! Please carefully read the following FAQs before applying to any of the positions or emailing us with questions.

Available positions are listed here on the site. If you don’t see it here then that position isn’t currently available.

Once you have sent your application you do not need to follow up. We will be in touch with you if we will be offering you an interview. Applications can take around 6 weeks to be processed. Not all applications will be offered an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply if I live outside of the USA?

You can apply if you are eligible to work in the USA at the time of applying. This means you must have a valid work visa in place or be a dual citizen. Ranchlands is unable to sponsor or be part of any visa application process. This applies to all job positions and internships.

Is there a deadline for applying?

Ranch internships are rolling with different start dates throughout the year based on availability. Program internships, wrangling positions, culinary positions all begin and end within the guest season of March – October. We accept applications on an on-going basis until the position is filled. If the position is listed here, it is still available and we are accepting applications.

Can I come and work and help out in exchange for room and board for two weeks?

All internships have a minimum requirement stated in the individual job listings. Anything less is considered a vacation, which you are welcome to book.


Do I need a car?

All ranches are very remote. It is recommend that you have your own vehicle as the ranch is unable to provide you with one outside of work duties.

Can I bring my dog/cat/bird/horse/hamster?

No pets are allowed for any job or internship positions.

Is housing offered?

Yes, all positions and internships offer on site shared housing.

Is food included?

No positions offer food as part of the compensation.

How far in advance should I apply?

We recommend you apply 3 – 6 months in advance for any position.

Is there an age limit?

Minimum age for applying is 21 years old for most positions. Ranch interns must be at least 23 years old.

Can I apply for an apprenticeship?

All apprenticeships begin with a ranch internship. Please let us know that an apprenticeship is your longer term goal when applying.

How long is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are varying in length dependent on the individual. They can be anywhere from 2-6 years.

Can I apply for two internships?

Yes, you can state you are interested in multiple internships in your application.

All Ranches

Agricultural Interns

Ranchlands is seeking six-month ranch interns to work on one of our very remote, large-scale working ranches. Preferred applicants will have some relevant experience or proven interest in a related field, at least intermediate riding skills, and must be prepared to live up to three hours from the nearest grocery store. The internship will provide a hands-on experience in all operations, from fencing and digging pipe lines to moving cattle and participating in grazing planning. This is a great gateway to a ranch apprenticeship for the right candidate. Shared accommodations, utilities, and a weekly food stipend are provided.

To apply for agricultural positions, please email


Graphic Designer

Ranchlands is seeking a freelance graphic designer to translate our brand identity into a variety of media. Applicants should have knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, and other graphic design software, a compelling portfolio of work over a wide range of creative projects, and an excellent eye for detail.


Web Developer

Ranchlands is seeking a freelance web developer to help us with occasional updates to our website. Applicants must have extensive experience with Shopify and a strong eye for aesthetics and design in addition to coding knowledge.

Zapata Ranch

Head Wrangler

Seasonal: February - October

As Head Wrangler you are a primary contact for guests at Zapata Ranch, and you must present an authentic western appearance, and be warm, gracious, and able to think on your feet at all times.  Your primary duties will be to guide guests on horseback rides throughout the ranch and Great Sand Dunes National Park and lead afternoon activities for guests, in addition to assisting as needed with other aspects of Zapata’s hospitality programs. The Head Wrangler is also the primary point of contact for other wranglers at corrals, and the primary point of contact between the wrangler team and management. They communicate important information about guests and horses to management, oversee corrals operations to ensure that everything runs smoothly at morning saddling and after rides and take the lead on overseeing the day-to-day health of the horse herd, communicating any issues to the Programs Coordinator. Safety is our number one concern, followed closely by ensuring that all of our guests have the best possible vacation.  

Zapata Ranch


Seasonal: March – October or May – October

This is an opportunity to join the Ranchlands team to help us provide the vacation of a lifetime to guests at the Zapata Ranch. Applicants must be lifelong riders with a passion for education, people, and the outdoors. A background or proven interest in ecology, geology, conservation, education, biology, or a related field is a bonus, but not required. As with all positions at Ranchlands, an outstanding can-do and solution-oriented attitude is of the utmost importance. No pets allowed.

Zapata Ranch

Head of Hospitality

Seasonal: February - October

The Head of Hospitality’s primary role is ensuring that all guests have the vacation of a lifetime. This position must present a smart and professional appearance, be warm, gracious and able to think on their feet at all times. Safety is our number one concern, followed closely by ensuring that all of our guests have the best vacation of their life. This role is responsible for all facets of the guest experience from first point of contact on-ranch to maintaining ongoing relationships. The Head of Hospitality represents Ranchlands through diligent communications with guests about who we are as well as how the lodge and grounds are presented. The Head of Hospitality is an integral person in hospitality operations, and is relied upon to be available in and around the office at all times. This position is the primary point of contact for guests with questions, phone call inquiries and emergencies if other staff need to call the office or notify someone at the lodge. 

Zapata Ranch

Head of Food and Dining

Seasonal: February - October

As Head of Food and Dining your primary responsibilities include ensuring all guests have the vacation of a lifetime, and overseeing the entire food and beverage program. You must present a smart and professional appearance, be warm, gracious and able to think on your feet at all times. Safety is our number one concern, followed closely by ensuring that all of our guests have the best vacation of their life.

We see the food and dining experience as a critical part in the overall ranch experience. You will be required to oversee and manage this experience while working closely with other area managers to ensure an excellent experience and seamless operations both front and back of house related to all food and dining. You will train your staff to deliver the same standard as yourself in your absence and maintain good records of ordering and budget. You will embrace a host role and be aware of our guests prior to arrival, you’ll learn who they are and any details about their food and beverage preferences. At each meal and touch point with guests, any information that you learn that could improve their stay will be something that you decide how to best implement with the goal of delivering the best possible experience to them. The food and dining program is a pivotal element of the Zapata experience and an exciting arena to exceed guest expectations. 

Zapata Ranch

Program Assistant and Server

Seasonal February - October

As a Program Assistant & Server, you are a primary contact for guests at Zapata Ranch, and you must present an authentic western appearance, be warm, gracious and able to think on your feet at all times. Safety is our number one concern, followed closely by ensuring that all of our guests have the best vacation of their life.  You will provide educational, interesting activities and experiences to guests throughout their stay. You will help raise awareness of the Ranchlands mission as well as other partners missions such as the Nature Conservancy, Parks and Wildlife etc. 

Zapata Ranch


Seasonal: March – October

This role will assist our housekeepers of 20 years with daily tidy service, flipping rooms and general Lodge cleaning between guests. The right candidate will be thorough with an eye for detail, and be able to move through a task quickly. Once each day’s rooms are complete, enjoy the surrounding area in your free time. Additional hours doing dishes may be available. No pets allowed.

How to Apply

To apply for any of these positions, please send a full resume, references, and a cover letter explaining what you value and why you want to work for Ranchlands. For ranch intern and apprenticeships, please email For all other positions, please email


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