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Our Leather Goods

Handmade with the highest quality American-tanned hides.


Handcrafted in the United States

All of our products are made entirely by hand, with only the best American hides and hardware.

As Seen In


The First Ranch

The roots of our shop trace back to a large isolated ranch in Mexico, where Ranchlands founder Duke Phillips was raised. Each month, a saddle-maker would come to the ranch to fix the ranch hands' tack and make any new bridles or reins that were needed. Duke looked forward to this visit every time and began a collection of his own tools that lived in a little leather bag on his saddle which he used to repair anything that broke while out riding.


Move to Chico Basin Ranch

As Duke grew older and began managing different ranches, he always made a space for leather work. When we moved to the Chico Basin Ranch in 1999, we selected the old woodshop for the leather room. Duke started making bags for his three daughters, and then their friends wanted them and their neighbors...and thus the mercantile was born.


A Home for Leathercraft

Today, our shop still lives at the Chico Basin, and now shares a building with the saddle house. Each product is inspired by the pieces that we use each day on the ranch. Interns, apprentices and other Ranchlands team members are encouraged to learn leathercraft to fix their own tack and gear, and often spend time after work in the shop unwinding.



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