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Seven hand-picked gifts for Dad

We've curated a handpicked selection of thoughtful and unique gifts to celebrate the extraordinary dads in our lives. Whether you're searching for a gift that captures his adventurous spirit, showcases his refined taste, or simply expresses your heartfelt appreciation, we've got you covered. From rugged workwear and unique leather goods to personalized keepsakes, this guide is designed to inspire and assist you in finding the perfect token of love and gratitude for the father figures in your life.


RB Sellars Half-Button Work shirt

A button-up for the guys who don't wear button-ups. The RB Sellars is our choice for a work shirt that can handle it all and then some. We've put this Australian staple to the test and its held up, day in and day out. Dad will love it for long days that require some "blue collar formal wear."



Moore Maker Trapper

Made in Texas where the only thing working harder than this knife is the man holding it. Dad will love this simple pocket-knife for its durability and build quality. Pair it with one of our handmade sheaths for a combo he won't be able to live without.



Wenerstrom Forge Piñon Knife

Hand-forged in the USA by Max Wenerstrom, this fixed blade is our go-to for riding. Get yourself out of a bind fast with a blade made of the hardest Japanese steel. As beautiful as it is functional, Dad won't let this one out of his sight.



Ranchlands Mesa Cap

If he's not wearing his favorite felt or Palm Leaf Hat, he better be pulling on a Mesa. This comfortable snap-back is the perfect gift for dads who can't be bothered to comb their hair in the morning...the perfect gift for dads who are still setting alarms on the weekends, getting started on their next project.



Ranchlands Ground Beef

Dad's grilling game just got a whole lot better. Ranchlands Ground Beef is 100% grass fed and finished. This nutrient dense protein is bursting with a robust flavor that comes from grazing rich pastures of forbs and grasses. As a 90/10 grind, it is lean and has no pesticides, antibiotics, animal bi-products, grain or hormones.



Bison Koozie

A gift as unique as he is. Give dad the gift of cold beer. Our Bison Koozie capitalizes on the insulating properties of bison fur to keep your beverage of choice cold. Extra points for style and the heads he will turn.



Duke Beardsley Painted BC Notebooks

Our good friend Duke Beardsley got ahold of these BC Notebook covers and painted them with his iconic western horse and riders. One collection features his classic "line-up" horse and rider silhouette, while another collection is a more varied set of horseback motifs. Each is one-of-a-kind and truly a piece of art that will age, darken, and develop its own personality with time.



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