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The Figure of the Horse in the Art of Jill Soukup

“Horses are one of the most perfectly created animals in nature. They seem so proportionally perfect. I’ve always felt that the way the move, the way they’re built, there’s something so aesthetically pleasing about them.”

Jill Soukup has been attending Ranchlands Artist Gatherings for fifteen years now, and she credits the experience with changing the course of her career. When she began attending our gatherings, she worked in a variety of genres but was primarily a cityscape painter. With the new references of cattle and horses from the ranch, she refashioned herself as a Western artist and is now regarded as a leader in the genre.

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Fencing on the Medano

Fencing on the Medano, the pendulum swings. Most days, the rhythm of fencing makes for peaceful days of fixing and moving on.


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