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The Ranchlands Review

The Old Way

“Argentina. My country. My home. My people. Horses, friends and mountains. Getting together, stories with mates in between. Each year, this trip helps me. Helps me to understand, to connect....

The Important Places

When Forest Woodward was born in the summer of 1986, his father wrote him a poem about “the important places.” This short film by Woodward explores how, many years later,...

River in the Sky

There is a river in the sky that washes up the center of the continent each spring and its current rushes and rolls with waves of wings.


Against the backdrop of valley, mountains, and dunes, Amanda Knopf Rauhauser makes sense of her grandmother’s passing following a battle with dementia.

Los Poblanos: A Family Farm

A highly diversified program that grows everything from lavender to roses and pumpkins to green beans, the farm itself is at the heart of a whole ecosystem of complementary businesses...

In Pursuit of Radical Joy

Time stopped, we say, in moments of great joy or sorrow, but don’t we really mean that a moment of time imprinted itself on us, left its mark on us...

Zapata's Orchestra

In southern Colorado, there are two canyons in the Sangre De Cristo mountains where the wind pushes sand beneath them in such an intense and persistent manner that great dunes...

Herding Cultures From Around the World: The Sami

The Sami, an indigenous population in Scandinavia, began herding reindeer as early as 98 AD. Today, only about ten percent of the roughly 100,000 Sami people spread throughout Finland, Norway, Sweden, and parts...


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