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Zoom Ground Beef (Local Pickup)
Zoom Ground Beef (Local Pickup)

Ground Beef (Local Pickup)

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Ranchlands Ground Beef is 100% grass fed and finished. This nutrient dense protein is bursting with a robust flavor that comes from grazing rich pastures of forbs and grasses. As a 90/10 grind, it is lean and has no pesticides, antibiotics, animal bi-products, grain or hormones.

We offer volume discounts for orders over 20lbs. For more information, please contact us at

Meat is individually wrapped in 1lb packages.

For local pickup at Chico Basin Ranch only. To order for delivery, please order from Ground Beef.

Good for the animals

All of our animals graze openly on our ranches, oftentimes in pastures up to 5000 acres in size. We employ low-stress livestock handling techniques to ensure they are never put under unnecessary pressure.

Good for the land

Our cattle graze symbiotically on the native vegetation of the North American grasslands, where insects, migrating birds, coyotes, pronghorn, prairie dogs, and other residents of this ecosystem are able to thrive.

Good for you

Naturally-raised beef, free of antibiotics, pesticides, or other harmful inputs, provides one of the most nutrient-dense food sources possible.

Pickup Information

Chico Basin Ranch

22500 S Peyton Hwy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80928

Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm / Saturday by appointment

To reach the ranch, follow directions to the South Peyton Highway directions above. At the southern end of Peyton Highway, you will pass under the main gate to enter the ranch. Continue down the dirt road for four and a half miles, passing over two additional cattle guards to reach ranch headquarters. After you cross the second cattle guard, headquarters, a collection of buildings and corrals surrounded by trees, will be visible ahead to your right. Your order will be available for pickup in the red building to your right as you enter the headquarters area.


Our Cattle Program

Ranchlands Meat is produced from our own cattle– born, raised and finished on our ranches. A product of nature, Ranchlands animals are instrumental in helping us achieve our conservation strategies by mimicking the symbiotic grazing dynamic between our grasslands and the great herds of bison from the past. Our cattle breeding program selects animals to thrive in their natural environment, making our meat as close to nature as possible.

Learn more about cattle ranching's conservation impact.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give your cattle antibiotics or hormones?

We administer antibiotics only when they are needed to save an animal's life, but each animal that receives them is permanently identified and moved out of the herd so it will never be used for Ranchlands Meat.

Do you use pesticides?


Where is Ranchlands meat processed?

Ranchlands Meat is processed by a small family owned processor in Wyoming.

How is the meat shipped?

Our products are shipped in eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging with dry ice to ensure safe temperatures upon arrival at your door.

When will my order ship?

In order to make sure your meat arrives as fresh as possible, we only ship orders Monday to Wednesday. If you place an order between Thursday and Sunday, you can expect it to ship the following week.

Can I order less than ten pounds?

Due to the high costs of shipping and the volume of packaging materials needed, we do not offer any boxes smaller than ten pounds for online orders. Individual packages are available on-site at our Chico Basin and Zapata Ranches for local pickup. Please contact for more information.

Can I pick up meat at the ranch?

Yes, we have ground beef available for purchase at both our Chico Basin and Zapata Ranch locations.


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