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The Collective is a first-of-its-kind membership that will grant you deeper access to Ranchlands and our mission of perpetuating ranching into the future via exclusive events, conversations, and experiences on working landscapes.

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The Lastest Stories from the Collective

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A solar-powered GPS watch, trees that refuse to touch, and a few podcast recommendations

Paintrock Canyon Ranch Log

Notes from summer cowcamp in the Bighorn Mountains.

Your Membership Supports

  • The continued development of a forward-looking ranching model that builds around human community as a foundation to live and work in harmony with nature in the American West and beyond.
  • Land management strategies in working landscapes that evaluate ecosystems in their entirety to address the root cause of regressive ecological outcomes.
  • Cattle operations across 380,000 acres in 4 states building biological diversity in the landscapes where we work.
  • A first-of-its-kind ranch management training program that continues to produce the next generation of agricultural leaders.
  • On ranch educational opportunities for students and adults to experience ranch life, interact with nature in a rural setting, and to see first hand the ways in which a working landscape are foundational - both to our history and our future as a country. 
  • A cohort of thinkers and doers on our ranches to share ideas and fellowship to develop our collective vision for the future.

Meet our Members

"I've had the unique opportunity to work with many of the great folks involved in growing Ranchlands over the last three decades. The outreach, commitment, and enthusiasm for the partnership of ranchng and conservation is a unique and beautiful product of those efforts by so many like minded individuals. I'm looking forward to the future growth and success of those efforts."

Kirk Gadzia, rangeland scientist

"Ranchlands is something we need right now. It reminds us of the importance of the land and our connection to the land. Zapata feels like a sanctuary to escape to when you need to reconnect to nature and find inspiration and creativity."

Jen Murphy, writer

"I’ve always felt the world belongs to those who are willing to get their hands dirty. And when those dirty hands also coincide with affection for intellectual honesty, poetry, art, stewardship of the natural world, and the simple joy of riding a horse across the landscape, you start to understand the brilliance of this place."

anders lindwall, filmmaker

"At its core, Ranchlands is a community. A community of creative, hardworking, outside-the-box thinkers and doers who are compelled to live life on their own terms. A group of principled yet open-minded individuals who feel a deep connection to the land and are building a sustainable future in the American West and beyond."

ed roberson, podcaster & conservationist

"Duke Phillips, his family, and the entire Ranchlands team are true stewards of the land. They are living proof that successful business and conservation efforts can not only co-exist but thrive when shared with people. But the real magic lies in their ability to preserve the past while providing for the future."

rick wittenbraker, CMO, howler bros

"I have admired the actions and values that Ranchlands has shown for years. I think Ranchlands has worked hard to bridge the space between ranchers and and non-ranchers to propel conservation, education and preservation. Truly stewards of the land, Ranchlands continues to inspire community around their values, while encouraging the economic growth of the rural areas. As an artist, I feel so grateful to be connected to Ranchlands."

Janelle Pietzark, artist, all roads studio

The American imagination is full of ideas about ranchers—who we are, who we were.

Watch this short film to learn more about how we see ourselves, and the future of ranching in America.




Over the course of the past two decades, Ranchlands has grown from a family cattle ranching business to a grass-roots movement that demonstrates how landscape-scale conservation in the American West can enrich both the ecosystems and communities we live in.   

We believe in a philosophy of land management that looks not only to the end product, but to the process that is used to get there. Through the implementation of prescriptive grazing strategies that mimic the symbiotic relationships between large ungulate herds and native grasslands, we work to perpetuate and restore natural cycles of soil, water and vegetative health through a living and working form of bioregional stewardship.  

While our model emphasizes ranch-based entrepreneurial businesses that build flexibility and financial stability as pillars for ecological land management, Ranchlands at its core remains a cattle ranching business and way of life. Foundational to this way of life is a deep abiding work ethic, a love of land and community, a sense of open-mindedness, and a deep interest in the cultivation and sharing of ideas, simultaneously evolving and perpetuating our ranching heritage. 

Our efforts are as diverse as they are impactful. We manage 380,000 acres of land in four western states. We live and work on the land with our boots firmly grounded in the realities of the present, but with an eye towards the future and the health of the land and communities which we rely upon to sustain us. Over the past two decades we have  trained and developed a generation of land stewards and ranch managers who are now working across the West. Each year we work to expand the urban-rural interface by providing on-ranch educational events to thousands of students, sharing our philosophy of land management and ecological stewardship through first hand experiences. We host hundreds of guests each year, with whom we share not only our core principles of land management, but also our love of the arts and community enrichment through unique workshops and hands-on experiences. 

While we are proud of these efforts, we know we have only just begun to understand ranching’s potential for significant, lasting impact across the West. 

As we focus on our vision for the future, there is one critical thread that binds Ranchlands together: our people. Without the countless contributions of our friends, and partners, Ranchlands would be merely a shadow of its current form. Our community is what empowers us and, most importantly, gives life to the exciting opportunities we see for the future. 

We hope you will join us.

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