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Leather Repair and Care

Leather is a unique material to work with because it has already lived one life. The hides used in our product were living and breathing animals at one time, and we understand our responsibility in continuing some of the same care during its second life.

Tips for Longer Leather Life

  • We suggest brushing or wiping your leather product clean once a week, or directly after heavy soiling. 
  • Proper cleaning can be administered as infrequently as once a year if you are like us and like to see the character of your piece develop over time. If you are more of a spick-an-span kind of guy or gal, feel free to clean your product every couple of months. We like Fiebings Saddle Soap.
  • We prefer regular cooking olive oil to give those veg-tan products a little extra love. This is applied in a thin coat with a cloth after cleaning. It will darken the color of your product.
  • Scratches can usually be buffed out with a cloth and conditioner. We like to condition our products after cleaning and up to once a month just to keep them more resistant to wear, tear, and weather. Depending on your situation, this may happen more or less frequently.
  • Our favorite conditioner is Skidmore’s Leather Cream. This stuff is seriously awesome. We use it on our saddles, work boots, purses, and just about all things leather. Get some for your leather goods here (Link).



We are equipped to repair items for our clients and can often replace a piece that has worn out or been lost. Please contact us for information on pricing and turnaround time. 


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