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The Ranchlands Podcast #28

Dan Flores

“Another species you have to account for is the human species. And I try to treat humans just like all of the other animals in this story because, after all, that is what we are. We are animals and fellow kin of all these other creatures.”

Our Guest

Dan Flores is an environmental writer whose work helps us better understand the complex and fascinating history of people, animals, and wild places in North America and beyond. He’s the author of eleven books, including Coyote America and American Serengeti, and he has appeared everywhere from the Joe Rogan Experience to the upcoming Ken Burns documentary on the American Buffalo. His newest book is titled Wild New World: The Epic Story of Animals and People in America, and, as you’d expect, it is excellent. It’s a sweeping “Big History” of humans’ impact on the North American landscape– a sobering yet optimistic examination of the ups and downs of people’s ever-evolving relationship with the natural world.

The Place of Humanity in the Tapestry of Lifeforms

The environmental writer Dan Flores on the history of humans and wildlife in North America, coyotes, and our human relationship to the rest of the natural world.

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