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The Ranchlands Podcast #29

Mike Giordano

“I think its great that people want to know where their steak comes from. How was that animal raised? Where was it raised? So I think there is a big trend in that direction which is great for all producers but especially for people like us who are trying to raise an all natural product."

Our Guest

Mike Giordano grew up on a small hobby farm in central MA. His brothers and him all worked that farm mucking stalls, tending to chickens, feeding horses, chopping wood etc. Mike had a huge interest in horses and wanted to play polo in college. He went to University of Connecticut and studied animal science but really was there to compete in intercollegiate polo. After College, Mike enlisted in the U.S Army and spent his military career as a Forward Observer in 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Mike deployed twice: once to Afghanistan and the other to the Iraq/Syria theater.

After the Army Mike packed up everything he owned and drove down to New Mexico to start his internship with Ranchlands at the MP. There he learned under Duke and Meredith and became really obsessed with ranching. After 2 years in New Mexico, Mike got the opportunity to Manage the Frying Pan Ranch in Texas.

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