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The Ranchlands Podcast #39

Bruce McGlenn

“It’s really hard to be alive on this planet and not cause some sort of death or displacement of other life even if we are not doing it ourselves.”

Our Guest

Founder and lead instructor of Human Nature Hunting, Bruce McGlenn has nearly 40 years of bird and big game hunting experience in the Pacific Northwest. Passed down from his father, hunting has been a way of life for Bruce from the beginning. He sees as much importance in the experiences and personal growth gained from hunting as he does a source of healthy food and connection to nature.

A third-generation hunter/gatherer of the Northwest, Bruce has been helping people reclaim their hunting heritage since the 1990’s, officially with the Awaken the Hunter course since 2016. He has been teaching introductory hunting and shooting classes with the non-profit Washington Outdoor Women since 2001 and has guided fly fishing and whitewater rafting. He is a certified Master Hunter and shooting instructor, holds a Master’s degree in sustainable business and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Washington.

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