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The Ranchlands Podcast #35

Jonathan Tullar

“I am very blessed to have been at the Chico when I was there and also to have entered the Ranchlands family when I did. If there was something that you wanted to bring to the table and share, Duke was always very open about that. If there was something you wanted to learn, you could always go to the management and say, 'Hey can you teach me this?'”

Our Guest

Jonathan was born and raised on the East Coast and did his undergraduate at CSU where he also played Polo and shot Trap & Skeet. He has been working for Ranchlands on and off for 15 years. In 2008 he was managing a small guest ranch operation in Southern Colorado that was being liquidated where he met Duke Phillips III through the sale of several horses. The two clicked and before long Jonathan was moving to the Chico in early 2009. Jonathan has worn many hats over the years working at Ranchlands. Everything from agri-tourism and concerts to ranch management. Jonathan lived on the Chico for several years and then moved to the Monte Prieto as the first manager after that ranch was leased.

Currently Jonathan helps Duke III run the Paintrock Canyon Ranch in Northern WY where he manages all of the irrigation and hay operations on the ranch. He moved to the Paintrock in 2021 with his wife Dilyn, whom he met and fell in love with while she was working as an intern at Zapata Ranch in 2015. Jonathan's hobbies include bee keeping, leather work, hunting & fishing and 4-wheeling. He is a volunteer firefighter with the local department in Wyoming and is in the process of getting his private pilots license.

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