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The Ranchlands Podcast #37

Dr. Caitlin Youngquist

“To be able to talk through and look at patterns across the landscape – I think there is really something to be said for learning how to read your landscape. And I think a lot of people who have been on a landscape for a long time have that ability to do it sort of inherently.”

Our Guest

Dr. Caitlin Youngquist is the Director of Education and Communication for SnapLands, a group that works to create and verify sustainable working landscapes. She has a PhD in soil science, specializing in soil health, compost, no-till farming, and cover crops. She has experience in on-farm research, community education, mentoring, and training agriculture professionals in the United States and abroad. Caitlin is passionate about solving agricultural problems and has worked as an Extension Educator with the University of Wyoming since 2014. She has published on regenerative agriculture, soil health, no-till farming, cover crops, and community food security. Caitlin appreciates the human components of soil health and regenerative agriculture and enjoys working with land managers and soil stewards to help them implement restoration strategies and soil health practices. 

She is also a licensed hunting guide and serves as a volunteer firefighter. Caitlin lives in northwest Wyoming, near the Paintrock Canyon Ranch, where she and her husband run a small compost business and vegetable farm. She is happiest when hunting in the mountains of Wyoming, riding her horses, or playing in the soil.    

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