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For the first Q&A episode, our host Ed Roberson sat down with Duke and asked him ten questions that had been submitted over the past few months via email and social media. Ed and Duke answered a wide range of questions, such as:

I want to work at Ranchlands, but I don’t have any ranching experience. Is there any chance I could ever become a part of the team?

When and why did you become committed to Beefmaster cattle?

I’m a recent college graduate with an ag degree and some ranching experience– what traits should I look for in a potential employer? Any specific red flags I should avoid?

When did you know that you are a good teacher?

I’ve seen some references to an annual event called Bison Works– what is that?

Did you ever think that you would be in the bison ranching business?

I’ve seen online that you use horses, as well as dirt bikes and helicopters, for your ranch work. Is that a common practice on ranches in the West?

A few years ago, Colter Wall put on a concert at one of your ranches. Is he as cool as he seems to be?

Why is Ranchlands so closely aligned with artists and the art scene? On the surface, that doesn’t seem to be closely aligned with cattle ranching.

What is the best time of year to visit the ranch?

Do you watch Yellowstone?

I live in Colorado Springs and want to visit the Chico Basin Ranch, what do I need to do to arrange a visit?

To submit questions for future Q&A episodes, email with your question and who from the Ranchlands community you’d like to answer.

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Our Guest

Duke Phillips III is the CEO and founder of Ranchlands. Ranchlands owns and manages large scale, conservation oriented ranching operations in the American west, and provides management and strategic advisory services for large ranch owners. In addition to cattle and bison, Ranchlands operates subsidiary land based businesses that includes leather manufacturing, hospitality, hunting and fishing and education.

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