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For our second episode, we’re going to introduce you to the next generation of Ranchlands– Duke’s children Tess Leach and Duke Phillips IV.

Officially, Tess is the Head of Business Development and Duke is the Chief Operating Officer, but those titles fail to capture the all-encompassing responsibilities that they each hold. Both Tess and Duke are heavily involved in Ranchlands’ day-to-day operations and the organization’s long-term vision and strategy. Whether it’s formulating a complex grazing plan or offering a brand new product at the Ranchlands Mercantile, there’s no question that either Duke or Tess played an important role.

The three of us sat down at the Chico Basin Ranch and had a fun conversation about their lives and careers at Ranchlands, as well as their visions for the future of the organization. In a little less than an hour, we managed to cover a lot, including their respective career paths that led them into the family business, how they balance work with their young families, managing risk, the importance of flexibility, the reality of working with your sibling, COVID’s effect on the business, and much more.

Our Guests

Tess Leach is the Director of Business Development at Ranchlands. She grew up in Colorado and manages Ranchlands’ hospitality programs and leathershop. She is raising her two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with her husband David.

Duke Phillips IV is the Chief Operating Officer at Ranchlands. His friends call him Little Duke, and he runs Ranchlands’ daily operations. His expertise keeps 300,000 acres of land, thousands of cattle and bison, and the natural vegetation and wildlife co-existing in harmony.

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