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An Update on Zapata Ranch

As we open bookings for the 2024 season at Zapata Ranch, we have an update about the future of the ranch to share with you.

The 2024 season will be our last year offering Stays on the Zapata Ranch.

While plans are still being developed, the Nature Conservancy’s vision for the future of the Zapata Ranch will likely include Tribal involvement and the use of the Preserve as a place for cultural connection, learning and resource protection alongside meaningful engagement with Tribal Nations, Indigenous Peoples, and the San Luis Valley’s historic Latino and local diverse communities. This change comes after a significant review by The Nature Conservancy of their Colorado Preserves to determine the best role for each property to achieve their strategic plan and have maximum impact to their mission. After the 2024 season, the lodge will be closed to the public for a period of time while TNC explores future uses for the Preserve.

The Zapata Ranch experience has been the flagship for Ranchlands Stay for the past 18 years and has provided us and our guests one-of-a-kind opportunities to learn about nature, ranching and its critical role in conservation. While we are saddened to say goodbye to the ranch, we admire TNC’s goal to engage historical communities of the San Luis Valley and know that the ranch will provide a special place for connection and learning. We are grateful for the opportunity that we have had to shepherd and share this amazing place with you all for the last 18 years.   

As we look ahead, the future is bright. 

This shift represents an opportunity that we have already begun preparing for with the launch of the Ranchlands Collective this May. Needless to say, your support will be very important as we adapt to this change and grow the Collective. More to come in the near future. 

We have also been hard at work creating our most curated and diverse Stays calendar yet, including new offerings alongside perennial favorites like Horsemanship with Cam Schryver, Writing with Pam Houston and Painting with Jill Soukup. And, we are thrilled to officially open the Paintrock Canyon Ranch to you for Ranch Vacations as well as Pack Trips into the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. These experiences will have the highest level of quality and consistency that you have come to expect.  

We look forward to welcoming you in 2024. It will be our best year yet. Stay tuned to learn more about the Collective and fresh opportunities.


Fencing on the Medano

Fencing on the Medano, the pendulum swings. Most days, the rhythm of fencing makes for peaceful days of fixing and moving on.


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