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This is another Q&A episode, this time with the questions being answered by Duke Phillips IV. All of these questions were either submitted via social media or through our podcast-specific email address,

Duke answers a wide range of questions, including some specific questions about cattle and the ranching business, the amount of acreage needed to support different size herds, a question from an incoming ranch intern, and a few questions about landing a job with Ranchlands.

If you are curious about any of these topics, we know you’ll enjoy this episode. And if you have a question that you’d like us to answer, please email us at  Thanks for listening!

To submit questions for future Q&A episodes, email with your question and who from the Ranchlands community you’d like to answer.

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Our Guest

Duke Phillips IV is the Chief Operating Officer for Ranchlands and oversees all operations across all of our properties. Day to day, he manages the Chico Basin Ranch and sits on the board for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Working closely with his father Duke III and his sister Tess, Duke and his family share a commitment to long-term land stewardship.

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