Ranchlands currently operates across five properties totaling more than 250,000 acres throughout the American West, two of which are open to guests and visitors. Each ranch achieves ambitious conservation and ecological goals in line with owners’ objectives that are paid for primarily by a professional livestock operation, while a suite of land-based businesses match the attributes of the specific ranch with the goals of the respective owners.

A sunset view of the prairie with Pikes Peak in the distance.

Chico Basin Ranch, CO

The Chico Basin Ranch, located 45 minutes southeast of Colorado Springs, encompasses nearly 90,000 acres of pristine shortgrass prairie with five spring-fed lakes and countless springs that feed two creeks – Chico and Black Squirrel. Owned by the State Land Board, Chico has been managed by Ranchlands since 2002. This ranch runs the largest number of cattle of all Ranchlands properties, including a Beefmaster seedstock herd (originating from the Lasater Foundation herd in Colorado), which supplies all bulls for Ranchlands’ commercial herd. The Chico is also the site of a hospitality program for visitors interested in “hardcore” ranching, a small outdoor sporting business, education day programs for students from the surrounding area, and our Mercantile leathershop.

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A group of riders trotting out of the corrals at Zapata.

Medano-Zapata Ranch, CO

The Medano-Zapata Ranch is owned by The Nature Conservancy and managed by Ranchlands in a partnership model that emphasizes environmental conservation practices. Located on the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, the ranch borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, the newest national park in the United States. Home to a large conservation bison herd and a commercial Angus cow-calf herd, the Zapata is also the site of Ranchlands’ largest hospitality program. Based out of a fifteen bedroom lodge offering fine dining services, daily programs are based around ranch work and horseback riding through the bison herd and Sand Dunes National Park, along with special themed weeks that emphasize learning about horses, nature, conservation, photography and painting.

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A golden hour vista at the MP Ranch.

Frying Pan Ranch, TX

Located in the epicenter of cattle country in the Texas panhandle, the Frying Pan is also home to a commercial Beefmaster cow-calf herd. This ranch is excellent for raising replacement females to ensure they get a good start to their productive life. Its rolling country receives an average of nineteen inches of rainfall, making it one of the most productive grasslands that Ranchlands grazes. In concert with the ranch owners, Ranchlands will develop the ranch into a state of the art grazing range that will emphasize ecological health by building a high volume livestock water system.

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A road at the MP at sunset or sunrise.

MP Ranch, NM

The MP, located in the rocky juniper pinon hills of central New Mexico cattle country, is the home a Beefmaster-cross commercial cow-calf herd bred entirely by the Ranchlands beefmaster bull battery. The calves produced on the ranch are grazed as yearlings and replacement females in good years, or shipped to another property that has ample feed during dry times. Ranchlands and the ranch owners are developing the ranch water infrastructure to be able to amalgamate the herds to increase rest and biodiversity through better grazing.