Ranch Management

Ranchlands is a fourth-generation family ranching business that owns large-scale cattle and bison ranching operations and manages properties for ranch owners. Our goal is to preserve ecosystems through a profitable business model grounded in our ranching heritage.

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Turn-key Ranch Management

We began on the Chico Basin Ranch in 1999, when Duke Phillips III acquired the lease from the Colorado State Land Board. Since, Ranchlands has expanded onto other properties across the American West, including the Nature Conservancy’s Zapata Ranch in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the MP Ranch in New Mexico, and the Wilder Ranch in South Dakota.

Our ranches are self sufficient, covering ongoing costs from what the land will produce. Our model increases the value of the land resource through vigilant business management and a vigorous conservation program that builds biodiversity while eliminating the out-of-pocket costs of owning a ranch.

Working and living on our ranches has always been a privilege, and we consider it our responsibility to protect the lands that support us. We view ranching as the best method for preserving the biodiversity of American grasslands at a large scale. The world is changing fast, and we view the growing public concern for environmental land management issues not as a threat, but as an opportunity for ranchers and environmentalists to combine resources and knowledge to become better stewards and breathe new life into the ranching industry.

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Our Services

Ranchlands specializes in providing ranch management services to ranch owners with ambitious conservation objectives who wish to emphasize a high environmental ethic on their properties. Our services include: strategic advisement, oversight of ranch owners’ business interests, and turn-key management, including livestock, administration, staffing, equipment and tools, and financing.

These services are an outgrowth of our ongoing, direct involvement in managing our own ranching businesses. They also pool the knowledge that has evolved from our close working relationships with organizations such as Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, The Nature Conservancy, and The Quivira Coalition.

Our philosophy is that, over the long term, the real estate value of a ranch should be appreciating through professional asset management and that the livestock operations should cover the cost of owning and managing the ranch asset, maintaining infrastructure and facilities, and implementing a highly focused conservation program.

When assuming management of a property, we begin by creating a detailed management plan that focuses on the health of the land, using cattle as an important tool to accomplish our objectives. Our business structure offers owners a hassle-free ownership experience that facilitates full enjoyment of their property with no out-of-pocket expense.

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Our Business Model

Our business model operates on the premise that a livestock operation pays for the cost of owning the land asset and the maintenance of the facilities and infrastructure, and it provides the income and platform to implement a high conservation standard. Ranchlands will create a business structure focused on the owner’s specific objectives that includes a detailed reporting process outlining progress toward conservation and other established objectives.

If the ranch owner is interested, Ranchlands will create a study that explores the opportunities to develop land-based businesses with the objective of generating a return on investment. In addition to hospitality, hunting and fishing, ecotourism, and the arts, business opportunities can include ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, wetland mitigation banking, and conservation easements. Ranchlands will then initiate and provide management for that plan if desired.

The development of recreational amenities such as hunting, fishing, horseback, and hospitality programs can serve as an important source of income and marketing exposure for a ranch. Using our experience with each of these programs at our existing ranches, Ranchlands can create a business plan to develop appropriate recreational and hospitality amenities at new properties, which Ranchlands can staff and manage on behalf of the owner.

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