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Thank you for your interest in working with Ranchlands! Please carefully read the following FAQs before applying to any of the positions or emailing us with questions. Available positions are listed here on the site. If you don’t see it here then that position isn’t currently available. Once you have sent your application you do not need to follow up, we have received it. We will be in touch with you if we will be offering you an interview. Applications can take around 6 weeks to be processed. Not all applications will be offered an interview.


Can I apply if I live outside of the USA?
You can apply if you are eligible to work in the USA at the time of applying. This means you must have a valid work visa in place or be a dual citizen. Ranchlands is unable to sponsor or be part of any visa application process. This applies to all job positions and internships.


Which internship should I apply for?
Each ad describes the different internships available.


Can I bring my dog/cat/bird/horse/hamster?
No pets are allowed for any job or internship positions.


Can I come and work and help out in exchange for room and board for two weeks?
All internships have a minimum requirement stated in the individual ads. Anything less is considered a vacation which you are welcome to inquire about here.


Is housing offered?
Yes, all positions and internships offer on site shared housing.


Is food included?
No positions offer food as part of the compensation.


Is there a deadline for applying?
Ranch internships are rolling with different start dates throughout the year based on availability. Program internships, wrangling positions, culinary positions all begin and end within the guest season of March – October. We accept applications on an on-going basis until the position is filled. If the position is listed here, it is still available and we are accepting applications.


How far in advance should I apply?
We recommend you apply 3 – 6 months in advance for any position.


Do I need a car?
All ranches are very remote. It is recommend that you have your own vehicle as the ranch is unable to provide you with one outside of work duties.


Is there an age limit?
Minimum age for applying is 21 years old for most positions, ranch internships are 23 years old.


Can I apply for an apprenticeship?
All apprenticeships begin with a ranch internship. Please let us know that an apprenticeship is your longer term goal when applying.


How long is an apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships are varying in length dependent on the individual. They can be anywhere from 2-6 years.


Can I apply for two internships?
Yes, you can state you are interested in multiple internships in your application.

Wrangler – Zapata

Applications are now open for 2021 wrangler positions at Zapata Ranch. Must be a lifelong, very experienced and confident rider to apply, since safety is number one when guiding riders of all levels. This job is not about working with horses or training horses, it’s about working with people. You must have the ability to educate about the ecology, history, biodiversity of the ranch and surrounding areas as well as the Ranchlands mission while providing outstanding outdoor experiences. A background or proven interest in biology, ecology, agriculture, hospitality, outdoor sports or conservation is favored. Strictly no dogs or pets. Shared housing provided. Wrangler position is seasonal and starts May 1st – October 30th, 2021. Applicants must be 21 and over.

Kitchen Intern – Zapata

Ranchlands Zapata Ranch is seeking culinary and hospitality interns to work as part of a small kitchen team executing and serving seasonal meals based around sustainable ingredients. You will work closely with the chef and sous chef in a commercial kitchen setting learning culinary skills and kitchen operation. This position is ideal for people looking to build a solid foundation of cooking and organizational skills in a unique hospitality setting. Ideal candidates will be curious about different types of cuisine and various styles of cooking. Candidates with an interest in gardening are strongly encouraged to apply. Minimum three month commitment between April and October 2021.

Woman is a quaint workshop making bespoke leather goods

Leathershop Intern

Ranchlands is seeking an intern for our leathershop. A background or proven interest in handicrafts is favored. Basic leather skills a bonus, but not essential.

two women laughing on horseback

Program Interns – Zapata

Ranchlands is seeking program interns to work at the Zapata Ranch for a minimum of three months between March and October, 2021. The responsibilities of this position are varied with a focus on hospitality, including: paid evening hours serving and washing dishes in the Lodge (approximately 20 hours per week depending on time of the season); life long riders will assist in guiding rides; leading hikes and other afternoon programs. We are looking for applicants with outstanding can-do attitudes, warm, friendly personalities and exceptional work ethic. Experience in the service industry is a bonus. Successful applicants will additionally have proven interest or education in at least one of the following: ecology, conservation, land management, ranching, education, or the outdoors. Shared living in small bunkhouse provided.
Two ranch hands sit on the back of a pickup truck in a pasture.

Agriculture Interns – All Ranches

Ranchlands is seeking six-month ranch interns to work on one of our very remote, large-scale working ranches. Preferred applicants will have some relevant experience or proven interest in a related field, at least intermediate riding skills, and must be prepared to live up to three hours from the nearest grocery store. The internship will provide a hands-on experience in all operations, from fencing and digging pipe lines to moving cattle and participating in grazing planning. This is a great gateway to a ranch apprenticeship for the right candidate. Shared accommodations, utilities, and a weekly food stipend are provided.

To apply for any of these positions, please send a full resume, references, and a cover letter explaining what you value and why you want to work for Ranchlands to jobs@ranchlands.com.

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