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The Ranchlands Review

My Land, Your Land, Our Land

This place is a refuge for myself, my life with my wife and my children and the people I work with. It is my identity. It is where I feel...

Mr. Frying Pan

We all know that time breeds familiarity, and the time that I have spent on the truly unique Frying Pan Ranch has ingrained it in my head as more of...


Everyone has a querencia, a place where you love what you do, how you feel, where everything makes sense and you’re at your best. The MP Ranch is mine.

What a Rancher Knows

A rancher knowswhat it’s like to wake before dawn-day-lightbefore even the creaks in the failingwood floors speak…

Learning to be an Expert

A learning environment, though at times trying, especially in a professional setting where we are trying to be economical with time and money, should be a vibrant and healthy place...

The Wisdom of Cows

Cattle trails are not necessarily aimless ruminant wanderings, but rather the materialization of purpose and intentionality.

Cattle Brandings Then and Now

Livestock brandings have roots dating back to over 4,700 years ago but still remain relevant today. Learn its history and role at Ranchlands.

Ranchlands Today

In the Unknown Certainty of Tomorrow It is November 1999. I am standing in the Chico Basin ranch corrals, watching […]

Horses and Helicopters

There’s definitely certain situations where the helicopter shines. But cutting pairs, sorting cattle, you can’t do that in a helicopter or a bike, that’s a horse job. The interesting thing...

Water is King

Water is the most crucial tool in establishing a regenerative, rotational grazing operation on a large scale.

A Timeless Trade

Ranching is a trade that is deeply rooted in history and tradition as well as being on the forefront of progress and innovation. It is a trade that can be...

Self Selection

I was first introduced to the term “self-selection” in a barefoot trimming clinic in Australia about a year ago. The couple that were hosting the clinic, a trimmer and a...

Our Summer Reading List

From epic novels about the “old West” to meditations on the natural world and humanity’s place in it, from horsemanship instructionals to our favorite cookbooks, a (non-comprehensive) list of titles...

Duke Jr.

Someone once called my father a rugged individualist, which, as I look back, comes pretty close.

Ruth Rees Phillips

Ruth Rees Phillips was my mother. She was raised in San Antonio, Texas, where she met and married my father Duke Phillips II and began a ranching career that led...

Life in the Saddle

On long moves like this one, a rancher’s saddle is just as important as the horse she’s riding.


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