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How to Size Yourself for A Sunbody

Our Sunbodies are Guatemalan hats, which have a foam-padded cotton twill sweatband that tends to shrink about 1% with heat and moisture. This is about 1/2 of a hat size (1/16" diameter). We recommend buying a Sunbody that is just a little bit loose to allow for this shrinkage. This usually means buying one size larger than you normally wear.

When checking the size of hats, Sunbody's criterion is that a hat should be at least the size marked on the label. That is, a 7-1/8 should be AT LEAST a 7-1/8 but not as large as a 7-1/4.

To Determine Your Hat Size:

  • Measure around your head where you wear your hats in inches (circumference). Use a soft tailor's tape or a piece of string, making sure not to pull tighter than you would like your hat to fit.
  • Use the following chart to determine your hat size:
Head Circumference Normal Hat Size

Recommended Sunbody Hat Size

21" to 21-3/8" 6 3/4

6 7/8

21-3/8" to 21-3/4" 6 7/8


21-3/4" to 22-1/4" 7

7 1/8

22-1/4" to 22-5/8" 7 1/8

7 1/4

22-5/8" to 23" 7 1/4

7 3/8

23" to 23-3/8" 7 3/8

7 1/2

23-3/8" to 23-3/4" 7 1/2

7 5/8

Feel free to contact us with further questions about how to size yourself for a hat!

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