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The Ranchlands Review

In the Studio with Teal Blake

"I think you really do a subject an injustice if you don't know about it. If your heart's not in it, it doesn't mean anything."

Light and Place in the Art of Bruce Munro

British artist Bruce Munro’s immersive, site-specific installations utilize light to create experiential art. Ranchlands spoke with Bruce about his journey to artistic recognition, the inspiration he draws from travel and...

What Zapata Means to Me

Some ranch days I might spend observing big bustling cattle brandings or the intimate happenstance of a wrangler working her project pony, sneaking in a quick and blissful bareback ride.

The Role of Nostalgia in Art

Tricky thing, nostalgia. In life in general, but in art specifically. It can be both positive and negative, empowering and limiting. It can connect us to beloved traditions, subjects, genres...

The Figure of the Horse in the Art of Jill Soukup

“Horses are one of the most perfectly created animals in nature. They seem so proportionally perfect. I’ve always felt that the way the move, the way they’re built, there’s something...


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