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The Ranchlands Review

The Past, Present, and Future of Wild Bison

The Nature Conservancy’s Chris Pague sat down with us at Bison Works 2018 to discuss the history of the Medano-Zapata herd, bison ecology, and the prospects for a future of...

Danger! Bison (Do Not Approach)

What does it take to conserve a species whose original range once stretched uninterrupted across an entire continent?

Hope on the Range

Over the course of the summer of 2017, I tried to grapple with understanding the meaning of the ranching heritage of the West, and, given the history of irresponsible and...

The Effects of Wildfire on Grassland Wildlife

Last week, a wildfire originating on I-25 burned 42,000 acres of grasslands in the vicinity of Chico Basin Ranch. Several pastures on the ranch were wholly or partly engulfed in...

An Apprentice’s Story

Nick Baefsky started an apprenticeship on Chico Basin Ranch six years ago, in the fall of 2012. Today he and his wife Amy, another Ranchlands apprenticeship graduate, manage a ranch...

Our Cattle Management Practices

At Ranchlands, our cattle program is based on “survival of the fittest.” The ones that raise a good calf every year and breed back are the cattle that make it....


What do oysters and cattle have in common?

Don’t Soil the Soil

The soil tells a story, and if you read it carefully, your signature on the land becomes clear.

Duke and the Buffalo

This film by Alfredo Alcántara & Josh Chertoff follows Duke Phillips III and his team at Zapata Ranch during our annual fall bison works. This unique conservation effort is instrumental...

Remembering Dale Lasater

“He was the most influential person in my life.” Duke Phillips III remembers his friend, mentor and fellow rancher Dale Lasater.


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