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The Ranchlands Review


Against the backdrop of valley, mountains, and dunes, Amanda Knopf Rauhauser makes sense of her grandmother’s passing following a battle with dementia.

Light and Place in the Art of Bruce Munro

British artist Bruce Munro’s immersive, site-specific installations utilize light to create experiential art. Ranchlands spoke with Bruce about his journey to artistic recognition, the inspiration he draws from travel and...

Plenty of Places

Singer-songwriter Riddy Arman on how her sense of place weaves its way into the lyrics of her music.

Frozen World

Snow always makes me think of dead rabbits. The winter when I was going on nine, it finally snowed on our house by the highway. I loved the way it...

My Land, Your Land, Our Land

This place is a refuge for myself, my life with my wife and my children and the people I work with. It is my identity. It is where I feel...

Mr. Frying Pan

We all know that time breeds familiarity, and the time that I have spent on the truly unique Frying Pan Ranch has ingrained it in my head as more of...


Everyone has a querencia, a place where you love what you do, how you feel, where everything makes sense and you’re at your best. The MP Ranch is mine.

What Zapata Means to Me

Some ranch days I might spend observing big bustling cattle brandings or the intimate happenstance of a wrangler working her project pony, sneaking in a quick and blissful bareback ride.

A Sense of Place

Early on a spring morning, well after the dawn chorus of birds has pronounced the day’s arrival, we gather under the cottonwoods to prepare for daily bird banding. The sun...

The Grassbank

I’m a former Sierra Club environmentalist who became a dues-paying member of the New Mexico Cattlegrowers’ Association. It was a surprise to me too.

Los Poblanos: A Family Farm

A highly diversified program that grows everything from lavender to roses and pumpkins to green beans, the farm itself is at the heart of a whole ecosystem of complementary businesses...


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