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The Ranchlands Review

Caramelized Onion Tart

This onion tart is made up of two versatile parts, both of which can be adapted for many other uses.

Zahav Hummus

This hummus recipe is slightly modified from the incredibly popular Zahav cookbook by Michael Solomnov.

Urban Gardening

Living in New York City has amazing cultural advantages, but having outdoor garden space is extremely rare. In the 14 years we’ve lived here we’ve figured out creative hacks for...

Classic Cornbread

Anyone familiar with cornbread seems to have a preferred version, usually derived from the region they’re from or the type they grew up eating. This version seems to be a...

A Charred Salsa Recipe

This salsa can be made two ways. One version is chunkier and only uses six ingredients. The second version is smoother, spicier, uses sevenish ingredients, and takes a few more...

Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Our Zapata chef Chase Kelly bakes these cookies just before check-in and places them in guests’ rooms moments before their arrival so they’re greeted by the smell of freshly baked...

Ethical Eating at the Zapata Lodge

The dining room at the Zapata Lodge is a place to learn about how to eat intentionally, responsibly, and ethically.

Colby’s Campfire Grilled Corn

Ranchlands Camp chef Colby Richards has been whipping up some spectacular meals over the open fire grill down at camp. His Mexican dinner has quickly become one of our favorites....


What do oysters and cattle have in common?


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