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The Ranchlands Podcast

Featuring conversations with members of our community– discussions about our shared connection to the land, stewardship of natural resources, the pursuit of purpose-driven work, lessons learned, and wisdom earned.

#08: Q&A with Duke Phillips IV

This is another Q&A episode, this time with the questions being answered by Duke Phillips IV. All of these questions were either submitted via social media or through our podcast-specific...

#07: Cam Schryver

Ed sits down with legendary horseman Cam Schryver. Cam has been a great friend of Ranchlands for many years, and he is widely regarded as one of the premiere horsemen...

#06: Molly Baldrige

Duke IV and Ed sit down with Molly Baldrige, who is the owner of the MP Ranch. Located in the rocky juniper pinon hills of central New Mexico cattle country,...

#05: Brandon Sickel

Brandon has been working with us for nearly five years– he started out as a summer intern at the Zapata Ranch and then joined the team in a full-time capacity...

#04: Duke Beardsley

For the fourth episode of the Ranchlands Podcast, Duke III and Ed Roberson headed up to Denver to meet with our friend and renowned artist Duke Beardsley. Beardsley is a...

#03: Q&A with Duke Phillips III

For the first Q&A episode, our host Ed Roberson sat down with Duke and asked him ten questions that had been submitted over the past few months via email and...

#02: Tess Leach & Duke Phillips IV

Officially, Tess is the Head of Business Development and Duke is the Chief Operating Officer, but those titles fail to capture the all-encompassing responsibilities that they each hold. Both Tess...

#01: Duke Phillips III

For the inaugural episode of the Ranchlands Podcast, it only makes sense to sit down and chat with the man who started it all– Duke Phillips III, the Founder and...


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